Our company HR policies are defined as below.
Job descriptions and performance criteria’s are defined and communicated to the employees.
Equal Job opportunity criteria’s are being employed and written rules and being implemented protect it.
Objectivity is an important criteria in Training and promotion opportunities.
Regular training opportunities are offered for individual improvement.
A healthy environment and working conditions are provided and regular improvements in such conditions and use of technology are being sleeked.
Decisions involving and or affecting the employees are regularly communicated.
Equality in Race, Religion and Ethnicity It is strongly promoted in the company policies.
An effective orientation program is available to the new comers.
Fringe Benefits;
  • Private Health Insurance
  • Monthly food allowance
Internship Opportunities;
Depending on the need of the various departments, regular internship opportunities are being provided to the University students. Such interns are offered food allowance during their employment.

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