Company Policy

Company Policy

Company Policy

1. To pioneer the development of our country’s leading organizations, especially SMEs, by providing guarantee, collecting, and financing services,

2. To increase customer satisfaction to the highest level with a service mentality which stands by ethical values within the scope of Factoring market principles for the development of Turkish Finance and Factoring Markets,

3. To implement transactions by considering the provisions of CMB Corporate Management Principles and within the frame of all kinds of financial information and other necessary briefings, and generally accepted accounting principles according to Law of Establishment and Activity Principles of Financial Leasing, Factoring, and Financing Companies  Number 6361, Instructions and other regulations regarding the aforementioned instructions, Financial Crimes Investigation Board (MASAK), Capital Market Legislation, Tax Procedural Law, Code of Obligations, and Turkish Commercial Code,

4. To leverage the resources in the most efficient and effective way to reach our goals and objectives as soon as possible,

5. To reach to a service level that  could form a norm in Factoring market and is efficient in international markets,

6. To improve corporate culture and to maintain personnel satisfaction uninterruptedly,  with continuous training mindset.

7. To produce quality in the most economic level and as hard-line by increasing our efficiency continously,

8. To set teamwork mindset as one of the main principles of our company culture,

9. To provide modern, fast, and efficient services to our customers within a cooperative business environment based on objective information and mutual trust

10. To make contributions to economic growth by opening branches in various cities for the development of Factoring Market